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What's Next for the Stock Market

As this year comes to a close many are wondering what to expect next year. With inflation soaring the price of goods getting out of control and for some it definitely leads to anxiety. Well like I always say "you can only control you". So with that said what are you going to do? I would suggest investing into your financial and investment education. Not to just be consumed with useless knowledge but instead to break free from being led everywhere by individuals who may actually know less than you do. May seem unlikely but since the pandemic I have seen more pop up stock experts than I did my 20 years at the firm. Learn from people who are truly experienced and proven. We may not be a fit for you, but there are a couple of others that I know are valid and proven. Ones that comes to mind immediately are AJ Trader, Palmer, Ripster, Options Mike, and Tr3ndy John. All different trading styles and personalities but definitely a wealth of knowledge. Some may ask why would you endorse others and it's simple....Transparency! If you truly want 2022 to be different for you and yours... do something different.

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